Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to Life...Back from Vacation...And the Winner!

So... I've been away for a while. Studying for the last section of the CPA exam took all free time and repurposed it for a while. I was lucky to be able to blow off some steam by running/biking/swimming or swimming/biking/running or any other variation you can imagine.

So the end of the testing was May 15th, the next day we flew to AZ to visit my folks. A few days at high altitude (5,000 ft) were perfect for final preparations for...

100 Miles to Nowhere!

For those who aren't privy to what this means, I rode 100 miles INDOORS! I hooked my bike up to the old trainer and started riding.

I started just before 6 am. It took a good hour before the legs got moving. That first hour i managed to pound out 21.4 miles. The incredibles were helping me along. After hour 2 I found myself at 44.8 miles and feeling oddly okay. The farthest I've ridden before was 46 miles, so I was soon to be on new territory. Sometime during hour 2 my 3 year old daughter joined me and we changed the movie to Mulan. For some reason my mileage started going down after that...

Hour 3 ended at 65.5 miles, followed by 85.6 miles at 4 hours. This is when times got really tough. I wasn't doing well at that point. I had to do something to distract the mind from my screaming legs. The last 14.4 miles were brutal, but luckily manageable with a bit of reading.

So, 100 miles, my first century, inside, in 4 hours 41 minutes flat. With the Seattle-T0-Portland coming up in less than 2 months, this was a great preparatory trip. The awards ceremony consisted of waffles (yum!), a shower at my in-laws (hot water heater blew up while we were on vacation...kind of cliche isn't it?!), me crowning myself the winner of the entire 'my house' division, and an afternoon of yard work!

The real important part of this was the reason. $50 of every entry went to Team Fatty's LiveStrong Challenge to support cancer research and such.

Now 36 hours later I'm doing surprisingly well. The legs are incredibly tired, and I'm now tapering (read: not doing anything) for my triathlon on Saturday. Tomorrow will be a trip to the lake for a test drive of the wetsuit (thanks Dan!).


  1. Way to go! :) Bike Daddy Bike!

  2. Ok, I LOVE that picure of E.

    What WILL you do with all your free time after the Tri on Saturday?! LOL (Sounds like there are PLENTY of projects to keep you..."in shape" around the house. ;-) Block Driveway Fixing Party, anyone? ;-))

  3. Congratulations on doing this . . . and getting it out of your system!

  4. Good Luck at the Issy Tri this weekend. If it's your first it'll be a learning experience, my advice is to just take it all in and enjoy it and it'll be over before you know it. Michael V

  5. @Myrnie: thanks for the cheerleading!

    @lolo: E is definitely in charge. Free time after the tri will be spent running and biking in preparation for my other crazy events in June and July, and most of all tackling myrnie's to-do list!

    @karl & michael: thanks for the support.