Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Decision time

I signed up for the inaugural Seattle Rock and Roll marathon back in January. It was the result of some peer pressure, a desire to actually run a marathon, and for the music.

After months of training, I developed after the triathlon a mild case of tendonitis. It's bad enough that I can't possibly imagine running 26.2 miles (couldn't even push through 1 mile the other night). So, I've sold my entry. I will try again another day. This Saturday, while 25,000 individuals are lacing up their shoes for hours of pavement pounding, I'll turn to the bike instead. It's the one thing that has actually helped my knee out over the last few weeks. I'm going to go for 80-100 miles as my last long ride before the Seattle-To-Portland on July 11th.

To all you who are running, good luck (and let me know of any cool bands you see!)


  1. Bummer. You were looking forward to this event. Glad you still have the STP to look forward to. Hope the knee recovers quickly. Dad says he feels your pain. :-)

  2. I know it wasn't a fun choice...but probably a good one! Love you!