Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Open letter to Carlos Sastre

Dear Carlos:

I've heard you are having a rough tour. Most of the attention is on the Astana boys. It's a hard life. The tour organizers wouldn't let you wear last year's yellow jersey in the opening stage. Every reporter asks you about those same Astana boys instead of your chances of winning. It's a hard life. But what are you going to do?

I think you answered that nicely. Instead of saying that we will all see your strengths play out in the next few stages, fireworks will fly, etc., instead of that, you say that you feel that "certain riders" are consipiring to make sure you do not win the tour?!?! A conspiracy? Do you know how sports work? 180 riders started the Tour de France this year. Out of those riders 171 of them do not want you to win. That's right, every one that is not on your team doesn't. want. you. to. win. That is not what I would call a consipiracy. That's competition. Everyone out there either wants to win or wants their teammate to win.

Going into the Tour you were a favorite, among an impressive list of riders. Armstrong, Contador, Leipheimer, the Schleck brothers, Evans, etc. What have you done to prove you should be the winner?

I mean no disrespect. Really. The media has probably been unfair, but they usually are. They chase stories that are exciting, and being nearly 4 minutes down on one of the best climbers in the peloton means they probably don't sense you are a threat. But maybe that was your strategy all along.

If you want the attention and the respect, go get it. Attack, and attack hard. Make up those minutes, then punish the other riders by attacking again. There are only a few stages left, best get going.


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