Friday, July 24, 2009

What I've Been Up To

It's been a while since my last post. My "racing" schedule is officially over and I've taken some time off from the bike. Add to that some new, exciting, and busy stuff at work and I'm behind on so many things. (over at I will be chronicling my new adventures at work as well as other tech stuff I come across.)

Firstly, race reports for my very first tri (yes it's been 2 months) and the Seattle to Portland ride are coming shortly.

Now onto this week. I started this week fully intending to bike to and from the office every day. It's only 8 miles each way with about 300-400 ft of climbing. I figured if I could ride 100 miles in one go, I should be able to go 80 miles in 10 rides during the week.

Man was I wrong.

Monday was fine. Legs were tired afterwards, but they were fine for Tuesday. Tuesday morning was even fine, but the legs were complaining a bit more. On the ride home that day, my right calf nearly cramped up (almost identical to what happened in the tri). It hurt and was very tight so yesterday and today were rest days.

I've tried to figure out what happened, especially since it's the second time, and because last time this happened I had to stop running. It may have been dehydration. My other thought was a lactic acid build up. Those are the only things I can think of that are common between the two occurrences.

I've done a lot of stretching as that helped last time, and tomorrow I'm going to bike into work as pedaling helped last time, too. But I still feel like my calf is on the verge cramping all day long. Anyone have any other thoughts?

For now I'll keep working towards biking to and from the office every day and will start getting to those core workouts I keep putting off.

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