Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm back....

It's been a while since my last post. I kind of shut down a lot of activities as I was in final cramming mode for the latest CPA test I took (fingers are crossed that I passed this one). That, of course, also explains why I haven't posted since the test. Brain recovery after these things is a serious ordeal. All that matters is I'm back to functioning like a normal person and taking a few days off from studying (one more to go - hopefully).

I've been thinking about what I would do during my week off from studying and thought that I would bike into work a few times.  So Wednesday night I mentally prepared myself for the commute (not very far, but this sort of thing requires a heads-up) and woke up to this...

I'm not above riding my bike in poor weather (growing up in the Midwest I had a paper route and road my bike all but two days that year through rain, snow, etc - but I digress), but I would hate to put drivers through the trouble of trying not to hit me on already hard to drive on roads.

Defeated, I didn't even try on Friday.  That means no workouts all week. Yesterday I changed that. I biked into work (7.7 miles). Then after a few hours at my desk I ran 8.1 miles with a co-worker, his dad, and a friend of his. I polished off the day with a 25.8 mile ride home. I'm pretty sore today, but ready for this week's workouts.

Turns out this is the end of the month. Totals for this month:
Swim: 1.52 miles - 4 workouts
Bike: 113.57 miles - 10 workouts
Run: 30.07 miles - 7 workouts
Total: 145.16 miles - 21 workouts

That was the most miles I've covered in a month. Ever. The disheartening part is that I have to cover more distance than that in one day in July.  I've got work to do, but things are going well.

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  1. Wow! We're impressed! And glad you didn't bike on the snow day. :-) Your midwest paper route days were VERY early when very few cars were on the road. And see... it built great character. Love, Mom