Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Novara Tempest Bike Tights [Gear Wednesday]

Cold legs is a problem when they are your engine.  These Novara Tempest Bike Tights were just what I needed.

Back when I ran cross country we would often wear tights when the temps dipped below 30 or 40 degrees.  They'd protect your legs from the elements, but wouldn't offer much warmth as they would get cold after a while.  

I didn't have that problem with these.  They have a stiffer and thicker front panel that blocks winds and the material traps just enough heat while dissipating sweat.  Another added benefit these have is the added compression which helps keep blood circulating through the legs.  I've even taken these out on runs and they work well.  Even though they are stiffer in the front they offer plenty of flexibility for both biking and running.

While the size was a good fit overall, I found them to be a bit short.  But then again, I find a lot of things to fit me that way as my legs are pretty long.

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