Monday, February 9, 2009

Week in review and here we go!

So last week was...  well let's just call it a rest week!  Saturday I got some biking and a bit of running.  I biked in to work (About 8 miles each way).  As usual I took it easy on the way in, then on the way back I try to push it a bit more.  Last summer my record for biking home was 34 minutes.  I would usually start the clock running once I got through all the lights downtown.  Yesterday, I managed to clock 33:15 over 8.6 miles, and that included the stop-and-go downtown section.  Figure 2 minutes (moving time) to get through the lights and I beat last year's record by almost 3 minutes.  There is a mile long hill on the way home that is getting easier to tackle.  It makes me feel better about the time I'm putting in on the trainer.  At least it's doing something!

When I got home I traded shoes and went out for a run.  I tried to run hard right out of the chute to simulate race situations.  My legs had a hard time with the transition.  I set out thinking I would do 3 miles, but the fact that I'd gunned it early, and hadn't run all week got the better of me.  By the time I got home 9.5 minutes later I thought I'd only gone 1 mile.  My legs felt like lead and I didn't think I was moving all that fast.  Turns out, I'd covered 1.4 miles and averaged 7 min/mile.  Hurray for base training.

Today also marks the start of my marathon training plan.  Expect a post about that sometime this week.  Tonight was 15 minutes of cross training.  So I hopped on the trainer for some pedaling.  Nothing exciting.  Tomorrow just 20 minutes of running. Not much, but I have to convince myself to follow it now, if I'm ever going to be able to follow it in the coming weeks/months.

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