Monday, February 16, 2009

When not training is a good thing

For those of you who have trained for anything before, you might be thinking, "This post is how to adequately recover from hard workouts so I can be faster."  Sorry, my friend you are wrong.

Recovery is an important part of training, no doubt about it.  But this week's missed training days were on purpose and not for that reason.  My good wife puts up with a lot.  We have two beautiful daughters who, when cooped up for just long enough, can wreak havoc her nervous system.  She need some time away.  So on Wednesday of this week she joined some ladies from church for some talk about dried fruit.  Thursday was yet another outing for her and time for some quiet alone time.  I got some studying done after the girls were down, and all was good.  

This week's training schedule might make my body pay for the time off last week, but I wouldn't do it any other way.

The stats for last week
Swim: 1 workout, 700m
Bike: 3 workouts, 22.6 miles
Run: 1 workout, 1.8 miles

Next week looks like this
     Bike - 10 miles
     Run - 30 min @ 10 min/mi pace;
     Swim - 900m
     Run - 40 min fartlek (see this definition for you non-runners)
     Run - 30 min @ 11 min/mi pace; 
     Swim - 900m
     Run - 30 min & 10 min/mi pace;
     Bike into work; 
     Run - long run with Dan @ work; 
     Bike home (total of 20 miles on bike for the day)


  1. Thank for taking care of Myrnie - I worry about her when I'm so far away! :-)

  2. And I love you forever, Wonder Daddy. :)

    Run Daddy Run!
    Bike Daddy Bike!
    Swim Daddy Swim!

  3. Love to see my sons be caring and sensitive husbands. :-) Proud of you Jayson!