Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What doesn't a cyclist need? [Gear Wednesdays]

My wife recently introduced me to the Fat Cyclist blog.  Fatty, as he loving calls himself, is a cyclist and an excellent writer.  When he is not cycling, you can find him conducting groundbreaking science experiments, eating burritos, or having good old fashioned fun by shocking his buddies (literally!).

So what does this have to with gear? One of his posts that grabbed my attention was one titled So You Want to be a Cyclist, Part I: Choosing Your Equipment. Every week I think about what piece of gear I should write about, mostly to amuse myself as my wife is probably the only regular reader and has to hear me talk about this gear and that gear daily.  Fatty does one better by listing the only piece of equipment you don't need - a recumbent bike.  Got your road bike? check. Got your mountain bike? check. Fixie, single speed, hard-tail, and tri bikes? check, check, check, and check.

After shoes, helmets, layers and layers of clothes, repair equipment, and a second mortgage on your house you are just getting the hang of what it means to be a true cyclist.

I jest (sort of!), and next week, on to more gear.

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